Friday, November 9, 2007

A Gift From Grace

Last Saturday I sat down with a girl named Grace who I've connected with a lot since we've been here. She is a beautiful, smart girl who loves to sing. As she was sharing her story with me, she shared a poem that she found a few years ago and started singing a song to me. The words nearly made me cry. This same girl also told me of her hopes of getting an education to stop child labor. I was blown away by her heart and clear conviction. It was an interaction that left me with many thoughts that I'm still sorting out. I've written the lyrics of the song and poem below...

My mother died when I was young,
My father did the same,
She laid her arms upon my chest
And taught me how to pray.

So now my mother has gone to rest
In Land of pureless joy
I wonder if she thinks of me
A poor little orphan girl

Listen I was only two years old
I will never forget the kiss of Love
She gave to me
I sometimes feel

I was a child full of joy,
I was a child full of glory
I was a child full of hope
But what happened?

It was a time a united family
Yesterday my mother went away
Today my brother cried
Tomorrow my father will be buried
Because of what? because of AIDS

AIDS that kill without mercy
AIDS that kill without mind
Which left me an orphan child
Who will feed me, who will give me somewhere to sleep?
Who will help me? Who will tell me the truth?
Do not leave me alone I am a child like you.


Susie said...

Wow, Em... powerful words that bring her world into our hearts.

The Sumer Alvarez Foundation said...

Wow, Emilee, that's really really promising Grace wrote this...since so many of the Tuma kids buy into the culture of shame surrounding talking about HIV/AIDS...

That's great, Claire